Why is Csulb so Selective?

Why is Csulb so Selective?

CSULB is one of the best Universities of the United States holds has reached the highest peaks of success. Due to its increasing growth and popularity, the number of applicants applying here is enormous. That’s why the head of the university has decided to be highly selective with the admission of the candidates. The institution aims to provide quality education to a group of students of high potential.

Steps for CSULB Admission

  1. Every student must have fulfilled the criteria of marks required for admission.
  2. Besides marks, you also need to give an admission test which is taken to judge the quality of the students.
  3. Based on the results of the admission test, your selection will be confirmed.

Note: Due to its high number of applicants and a low number of seats, the results of this admission test is done strictly.

Competition in CSULB

Among the massive number of applicants applying only a small percentage of students (38% in 2018-19)¬† get a chance among which approx 18 percentage were enrolled. This clearly shows how tough it is to get a chance in MyCSULB. The admission test is a bit hard to qualify. Without proper dedication and consistency, it’s tough to get into CSULB.

Streams in CSULB

The following streams are available in CSULB:

  • Marketing
  • Business studies¬†
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Management
  • Social science

Every department in this university is unique. They provide the best faculty possible for a better understanding of the students. They are highly concerned with the Student’s academic performance. Online classes and live classes are quite advanced even at times, the project submissions or assignment submissions are also made online.

The outcome of the Student’s academic performance is highly appreciated every year by all. Almost,¬† most of the students studying here get perfect grades and scores. The feedback of the students and parents are highly appreciable

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