MyCsulb Login Portal is your one-stop solution to get into your panel. California State University is one of the most reputed universities in the United States. The University ensures quality education to the students who are the future of the nation. You may have a wrong conception that the college may ask for a considerable amount, but the truth is it provides educational facilities at a very cheap rate of $6,420 per year. 

About MyCSULB Login Portal

It’s the portal used by Csulb University for providing the best facilities to the students studying there. The portal allows the students to access the university facilities from their homes. No complicated procedure is required; you just need to login to access Csulb.

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MyCSULB Login Process

  1. From your default browser search for and visit the official website.
  2. During the time of admission, you are provided with a campus ID, which is a nine-digit number.  Enter the ID, as asked.
  3. Enter the password for your account.
  4. Tap login to proceed. Once the page is loaded, you can access the portal. Make sure you are correctly connected to the internet.


Note: Only one student can access the Portal at a time from a single IP address. 

Steps to Reset CSULB ID

  1. Once you reach the login page, you find a “need help in sign in?” option, tap it. 
  2. Via registered email id or phone number you get the username back.
  3. You also get the campus ID from your admission papers provided to you on the date of admission.

Steps to Reset CSULB Password

Steps to Reset CSULB Password

  1. Open the MyCsulb page.
  2. Tap forgot password to generate a one time password on your registered mobile number during admission or while creating your Mycsulb account.
  3. Input the OTP as soon as you get it. If you fail to provide the correct OTP for the first time, tap resend to get another chance.
  4. Change password. Enter your new password. Make sure it is case sensitive. Confirm it below. 
  5. Now get in with your new password.


  •  You can also add a password hint at the bottom, which can be accessed during sign-in. This helps you to remember the password you have provided.
  • Tap, remember me below the password option to sign-in automatically.

How to Activate your Mycsulb Account? 

How to Activate your MyCSULB Account?

  1. Admission in Csulb is the first criteria.
  2. Open the login page and go to activate the account.
  3. Enter your campus ID as assigned to by the University for a specific student.
  4. Place the date of birth in the asked format.
  5. Contact details, including address, is to be provided carefully else you may face issues in getting the correct information and facilities from the Mycsulb.
  6. Give a secure password with a password hint for easy sign-in.
  7. Accept the terms and policies to continue.
  8. Tap create an account. If you have given the correct details in the right order, your request will be processed soon.

About Csulb Student Center

It student center is a client for the students to access from home. It provides you with the schedule of the online classes. Besides, you can get all your assignments here. Valid date and details about the events of the University are updated here from time to time. 

Steps to Access Student Center

  1. Login via steps mentioned above by providing the correct campus ID and case sensitive password.
  2. Click the Mycsulb button available on the page that opens after login. Once you tap it, you can access the student center. 


You can contact at the email via In case you face any issue with activating your Mycsulb account call at 562.985.4959. Do let us know in the comment box below in case you face some issues.

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