How to use SSC in CSULB

The Student Sustainability Coalition(SSC) is an organization formed in CSULB, California. This was formed to meet certain goals like unity and activism for the benefit of society. Even they hosted the annual State of the Environment Conference successfully. Although it was recently established in 2018, they could successfully merge the students and activists for the benefit of the people around them and withstand the environmental crisis joining hand-in-hand. They want to help the victims during climate change. If you are interested in joining the group for the greater cause, contact via mail 

CSULB Contacts for SSC

For admission in CSULB contact them via tell at, (562) 985-5471 and the Transcript Order Information at, (562) 985-5556. The actual Street address is –  ​CSU Long Beach​1250 Bellflower Boulevard​ Long Beach, CA 90840. 

Steps to use SSC in CSULB

There may be vacancies in officer positions in SSC organizations. Currently, there is a vacancy for 8 executive officers(2020-21). You should check the official website of CSULB, for more details. 

Before applying for membership, you should know that it is established on the hard work and determination of members. If you are passionate and a man capable of hard labor, you should be a member of this organization. 

First, you should be a student at MyCSULB. Second, an application form must be filled with the required details. It may include name, residential address, email ID, phone number, position you want to apply, and the reason for joining the organization. You should read the instructions properly for every post in that. 

If you want to fill the application online, you should register using your unique ID. The required details must be filled up in the application. Submit the application after fill up. You may receive an email for successfully registering into the organization. 

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