How to get a Job at CSULB

How to get a Job at CSULB

CSULB offers jobs to the employees in a simple procedure. It doesn’t keep any other issues into consideration except the required academic and basic requirements for the job. Colour, caste, creed, marital status.  It provides equal opportunities and facilities to each employee of the University. 

Jobs at the MyCSULB Library

The library is open for more than 10 to 20 hours a week, depending on the student’s needs. You need to go to the first floor to the library’s circulation desk to get an application form. Fill it up with your correct educational details and contact information. If you are selected, you will receive a notification via email or message within a short period.

For Applying as Staff on CSULB

  1. You need to have the proper degrees as required for your subject.
  2. The ability to communicate and manage the students is also taken into consideration during the interview.
  3. Once you finish up with the application form submission, and if you are selected, you will be notified.
  4. Next comes the interview within a few days of section.
  5. If you pass the interview, your job is confirmed, and the salary is also discussed after the interview.
  6. Depending on your qualifications and subject, your salary is fixed by the University authorities. 

Conditions for Getting the Job 

  • No criminal cases on the person applying for a job are appreciated.
  • No consumption of alcohol or drugs within the University campus.
  • Proper dress order is to be maintained daily.
  • Personal Leave will be granted for a specific period only for emergency issues.

Internship at CSULB

For an internship, the applicants must have completed one-third of their master’s degree from an established institution besides having the eligibility to apply as an intern in MyCSULB.

Note: For the disabilities also a different space is given by the University. You need to contact the chairman of the recruitments department of the University to get separate accommodation for tests, interviews to apply at CSULB.

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