CSULB Reknowned Alumnis

CSULB is one of the largest universities in California. It is well known for its reputation in every department. Many former students cite examples for freshers. 


Renowned alumni of CSULB 

CSULB comprises countless alumni. Since CSULB has been established, students from this University secure outstanding positions in their own field. Some of them need special mention, like 


Karen Baker Landers, the Academy Award-winning Sound Editor, is known for his works like The Bourne Ultimatum; and Skyfall. 

J.F. Lawton, David Twohy, Mark Steven Johnson, the Writer, Director, and also  Producer are famous for their works in the film industry. 

Elle (Itkoff) Alexander the Actress, Stuntwoman, and also a Stunt Coordinator. 


Guy Bee is known for his directing ability, Camera Operator. He has been a producer in the same field: Gregory Irwin, Robert S. Woods, Daytime Emmy, P. Scott Sakamoto, the cameramen received  Lifetime Achievement Awards, Society of Camera Operators, for their respective work. 


Gian Caduff is one of the Academy Award-nominated Producer for La femme et le TGV. 


Stu Rosen, the Producer, and  Actor well known for Dusty’s Treehouse. 


Ron Simonson, Primetime Emmy-nominated Visual Effects Supervisor for his work on Angels in America. 


Steven Spielberg, the Academy Award-winning director, and also a producer known for his work prices like Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. 


Are you wondering about the reputation of the University? 

The physics department is the largest non-Ph.D. granting program in the US. The University also boosts the volume of students in the physics department, which exceeds 4k. As in physics, this University also holds recognition in the Philosophy department in the nation. Remarkably, CSULB successfully enlisted themselves among the top 50 undergraduate engineering programs nationwide. 


According to the National Science Foundation, CSULB ranks among the top Master’s level-granting Universities. The gift benefits the students of the conservatory in the form of scholarships and other awards. These above points state that the above mentioned University is highly reputed and enrolls the students only with extraordinary marks.

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