Activate csulb beachboard

Activate could beach board

If we talk about learning management systems, Beach Board tops the list. CSULB uses Beach Board as it’s learning management system. This management system is developed and maintained to date by D2L. 

Basics of Beach Board

Once you use Beach Board, you get two video sections.

One section comprising of the video links provided by the host. And the other video comprises of the steps to use the Beach Board and corresponding tools.

More about Beach Board

The Beach Board consists of a shell that is automatically generated as per the timing of the University. The portal of the University creates a new shell in the time of every semester.

How to activate your Beach Board course?

  1. You need to login to the portal first with proper student ID and password. Remember, only a single user can access it once at a time from one IP address. 
  2. Once the login page is reloaded, search for the “active your course” option on the screen to activate your course immediately.


Facilities by Beach Board


  • This portal is also used by the University to share study material with other educational contents. They remain updated from time to time. The instructor can upload the topic and create a file through the tutorial videos provided in the portal.
  • Through the comment section, the students and the instructors can communicate very easily with others while the live classes go on.
  • Recorded lectures are also available here if someone fails to attend the class live.
  • You can use Camtasia to screen record the classes if you are on a PC.
  • Students can also get their assignments here and can submit them. The date and time of submission are also tracked by the portal efficiently.
  • Quizzes are also held from time to time to make the session more interesting and interactive for the students. 

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