CSULB Admission Informations

Academic Requirements for CSULB Admission

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), is famous for its standard of education and student’s rank. Every year a vast number of students try to get admission into their dream University. This University chooses only the best students with extraordinary performance in academic qualification. It is one of the largest Universities in California and can enroll more than 30k students every year. 

Apart from being a highly reputed University, it also has diversities in the fields of education. They offer about 82 different Bachelor’s degrees,  65 types of Master’s degrees, and four Doctoral degrees. CSULB also comprises both vocational and Liberal colleges.

If you are wondering if you can get admission into CSULB? Follow the instructions below to know more about the criteria in CSULB. 

Admission Requirements for CSULB

Every year between October 1 and November 30, application forms are available. If you are interested in seeking admission into MyCSULB, keep following the official website of the University. Make sure you follow the regulations of the University and meet the minimum criteria for being eligible to apply for admission. 

Minimum criteria:

  • Graduation from higher secondary schools with decent marks is mandatory. You may also submit an alternative degree. 
  • If you fulfill the eligibility index, i.e., 3,200 minimum score to be considered for non-STEM majors and a 3,300 minimum score for STEM majors, for the students of California. However, if you are not California residents, the 3,570 minimum “Eligibility Index” to be considered. (The “Eligibility Index” is the result of a formula that combines your achievement in high school college preparatory courses with the results of the redesigned SAT, old SAT or ACT). 

Students who fulfill these criteria may get admission into the University in their intended field. 

Want to apply to Music and Dance? Your talent and audition will judge your admission before the admission. However, contact the concerned department for more detail. Want to apply to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Majors(STEM majors)? You will be judged on the points you got in the Eligibility Index. You still required certain skills for success in these majors.  Apply to a Nurse? Even in this course, you have to be skilled in certain subjects like math and meet the expectation of GPA. 

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