MyCSULB portal is the online login portal created by The California State University Long Beach. That has made official campus activities easier for both students and employees. By maintaining your MyCSULB login portal, you can efficiently manage your CSULB profile. This is the complete guide on how you can access your MyCSULB portal account and make your university life fun.

The portal is available for both the students and employees as well. The MyCSULB portal makes management and monitoring of academics and employment details a lot more convenient. Now you can access everything online by a few taps of your finger.  You are not obliged to be physically present at the campus to perform all your essential work and inquiries. This includes your class schedule, interacting with your teachers, paying fees, and your progress report. You can maintain your homework and to-do-list as well on the online portal.



MyCSULB Benefits

The list of the various features that students and employees can enjoy on My CSULB account is as follows-

  • You can view your benefits summary if you are an employee.
  • Medical plan enrollment is available, which includes a dental plan as well for all the students and employees.
  • Remote networking services such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a campus system that allows students to access internal university networks and computers over the Internet securely. This uses encrypted tunnels so that data cannot be accessed without prior authorization.
  • The MyCSULB portal shows the 403b plan enrollment and contribution amounts of students.
  • Online access to university-licensed software for classroom instruction and assignments is provided without any extra charges.
  • Sick and vacation leave information of employees.
  • MyCSULB provides access to information resources and technologies to students with disabilities.
  • The availability of personal holidays is shown in the portal as well.
  • You can view employee business email services, which include personal and resource calendaring, contacts, tasks, and notes.
  • The portal keeps track of the number of MyCSULB service months served by the employee.
  • Multiple web teams across campus provide a varying degree of web services, such as web design, web page maintenance, and web application development.
  • Compensatory Time Off balances, usage, and accrual (available for non-exempt employees only) is listed here in the portal.
  • A collaboration software integrates chat, teams & channels, audio and video calling, document sharing, and meetings¬†functionality with you and your classmates.
  • Additional Days Off information are given on the notice board available MyCSULB Login portal.

MyCSULB provides a very way to access/view and updates your registration information over the Worl wide web. Once you log into SSO using your Campus ID and password, press the “MyCSULB button to open the Student Center.

Student Academic Benefits

If you are a MyCSULB student, here is what benefits you get. You can-

  • View enrollment appointment in the payslip and plan your enrollment to the university classes.
  • Search the schedule of classes to attend for the day.
  • Enroll through MyCSULB app and view the enrollment results as well.
  • View your position on the enrollment waiting list.
  • Can monitor your dropping and swapping a class online without having to pay excuses.
  • A complete guide is provided on how you can view your schedule and enrollment status.
  • Issue borrow order for your textbooks available at the university library.
  • Monitor the withdrawals and repeats them efficiently.

Employee Career Benefits

MyCSULB employees can track all of their work, time-table, information, and benefits from a single portal when you log in to the portal. This extensively improves efficiency and work ethics. You can manage as well monitor your personal information and benefits if you are a fellow employee.

Here is the full list of what benefits you get-

  • The first benefit that you are offered is you get several future career opportunities and career-building programs. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or an old-timer. You will be provided with a career influencing opportunity for sure. You can expertise your work within days and rise through the ranks of MyCSULB working stuff.
  • Also will get a very flexible schedule. Hence, you can work just as per your convenience and life goals. You can work in shifts and also on a per hour basis. You are paid handsomely and frequently as per scheduled dates. Will be able to avail of your rewards on working smart and hard. MyCSULB respects the job and the employees ever.
  • If you have a son or a daughter, the university provides special financial aids. This is a great initiative to encourage education. You will get all the information in your MyCSULB portal.
  • You are provided with an excellent medical plan and insurance. This safeguards your costly health needs. Again all the information I listed in the MyCSULB account.

Enroll To MyCSULB

  1. If you are using a PC or a laptop, open your web browser and visit the official website.
  2. On the landing page, you will notice the Sign in and Sign up options, respectively on the blue screen.
  3. Press on the Sign-up option. Fill in all the information about yourself, including name, employee-id, address, and social security number.
  4. You need to answer the security questions that pop up. This is for the safety and the privacy of your portal account.
  5. After you complete filling these queries, you will be taken to the MyCSULB portal. Here you should choose the degree program that you have enrolled for and your hostel address.

CSULB Email Login

MyCSULB email login lets you utilize the beach mail connected with the understudy standpoint live email record. And also, CSULB representative email login through the office 365 viewpoint CSULB Employee email login. CSULB students can view everything related to their usual academic standpoints on their MyCSULB Student Center account, even when they are off the campus.

The Student Center is somewhat divided into distinct sections so that you could easily navigate throughout the portal. The areas include the following:

Your Personal Information

This particular section contains all of your personal information. This includes your every information such as home and mailing address or other contact details. You can arrange all the User Preferences, and then you could navigate through the MyCSULB pages easily.

Your Admission Info

In case you are a newly admitted CSULB student, you have to view your latest test scores and admission details here. You can also pay your enrollment fees on the MyCSULB login portal itself easily. You can also sign up for the SOAR Orientation, where you can enroll in the early morning class this section.

Your Academics

Here you can view the class schedules and register for your respective classes. This makes it easy during enrollment every semester. Under the subsection “Academic History,” you may view your advisor’s notes, request the official transcripts, and see your previous test scores.

Your Degree Planner

MyCSULB provides a Degree Planner. This is an online tool that will help your study plan to prepare for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate exams.

Your Financial Accounts

The Financial section under the MyCSULB app allows you to view your financial information. This includes payment of fees, enrollment in payment plans, and signing up for e-refunds.

Your Financial Aid Opportunities

If you are a MyCSULB student, you may sign up for financial aid and scholarship under the Financial Aid section of the portal. You can keep track of your to-do lists while signing up for financial aid, requesting financial aid forms, and viewing scheduled disbursement dates of your financial support.

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